As the third-most populous and second-largest state in Australia, Queensland is often referred to as The Sunshine State. With a population of more than 4.7 million residents, the area has a large tourism industry, drawn by its pleasant climate and overall interest. Brisbane serves as the state capital and one of the most populous cities in Australia. With an economy that originally grew out of the coastal areas and port locations, Queensland has seen an increase in the mining and tourism industries over the last few decades. For mining companies and other businesses that need to look for long term vehicle hires in Queensland, come to Rawhire. We have the reputation and fleet necessary to make sure that your job proceeds without a hitch.

By developing a late model fleet with air conditioning and other amenities, we make sure that each vehicle we hire is comfortable for our clients. We focus on stringent maintenance requirements, checking each vehicle as it leaves for a hire, and as soon as it comes back, to make sure that it is always ready to perform its function.

Queensland is regularly divided up into regions due to its diffuse population. From the agricultural fields and opal mines of Darling Downs South West to the sugar cane and mills production of Wide Bay-Burnett, large vehicles are useful in a number of applications. Mining communities in Central Queensland, Mackay, Isaac, and Whitsunday often need specialised vehicles in order to complete their tasks on schedule and within budget. And all the various regions of the state may need heavy vehicles in order to complete projects like road building, utility services, and construction.

At Rawhire, we specialise in long term hires, especially those that last 30 days or more. We understand the importance of having reliable vehicles that site managers and workers know will get the job done. We also know that you can't always take a day–or more–off to get your vehicle and bring it to your site. We are happy to organise worksite delivery to make your hire more convenient for you and your company. Vehicles are always worksite ready so you don't have to waste time before getting to work.

If you need to organise a long term hire of any kind of vehicle, contact Rawhire. We have a wide variety of vehicles available, including utes, four wheel drives, trucks, buses, water carts, and tip trucks. If you don't see the vehicle you need on our list, don't hesitate to speak to our helpful staff and ask for what you need. Visit us today to find out how Rawhire can make your next job proceed without a hitch.