Mine Spec Flatbed Trucks For Hire

Raw Hire offers a range of quality, mine spec flatbed trucks for commercial hire. Raw Hire’s flatbed trucks and other vehicle hire options are available for long term hire with fleet hire options also available. 

Our Flatbed Trucks 

Flatbed trucks are a suitable solution for transporting unusually shaped and oversized loads, within a range of industries like mining, construction all over Australia. 

Raw Hire’s flatbed trucks are fully equipped to ensure the highest standards of safety and comfort for your team while on site. All of our flatbed trucks have an auto drive transmission type as well as features like air conditioning, AM/ FM radio and are fitted with in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) to assist with tracking your vehicle and your team. Currently, Raw Hire services businesses in the mining, construction, civil road projects, maintenance, infrastructure and other B2B businesses. 

Customisation Options

Raw Hire strives to accommodate to their clients where possible. If you require a custom feature or would like to enquire about our add on accessories such as tool boxes, a vehicle mounted crane, a long range tank or a water tank, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Raw Hire team. 

For More Information

For more information and further details on hiring flatbed trucks or any of our other mine spec vehicles get in contact with the Raw Hire team. We’d be happy to answer any of your questions to help guide you into finding the right choice for your fleet, your business needs and your team. 

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Long Term Fleet Hire Solutions 

Raw Hire offer a wide range of vehicles for hire, suitable across a wide range of industries such as mining, construction, civil road projects, maintenance, infrastructure and other B2B business. See the range here

See More Of Our Mine Spec Truck Range

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12T Flat Bed Truck Hire with Ramps

Flatbed Truck – 12 Tonne – With Ramps

The 12T flatbed truck with ramps is an efficient solution for businesses looking to transport equipment from one location to the next. This customised truck comes with two bi-fold, hydraulic 4 tonne ramps that provide the team with an efficient solution to loading materials. The Raw Hire 12T Flatbed truck with Ramps is Resource mine spec certified and can be mobilized Australia wide, site ready.

Drive Type Trans Licence Passengers
6x4 Auto HR Class 3
Raw-Hire-12T-Flatbed-Truck for long term hire

Flatbed Truck – 12 Tonne

The 12 tonne flatbed truck is a suitable option for moving equipment or cargo from one location to another. This 6x4, 6cyl diesel has a GVM of 23,000kg, is fully mine spec’d and includes a IVMS monitoring system.The Raw Hire 12T Flat Bed Truck Hire is resource ready and can be mobilised Australia wide.

Drive Type Trans Licence Passengers
6x4 Auto HR Class 3
16T Flatbed Truck

Flatbed Truck – 16 Tonne

The 16 tonne flatbed truck is the biggest of all our flatbed trucks and is a reliable option for transporting larger pieces of equipment or materials from site. This 8x4 truck carries 3 passengers, is fully mine spec’d and features the IVMS vehicle monitoring system.

Drive Type Trans Licence Passengers
8x4 Auto HR Class 3

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