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Raw Hire is a leading provider of long term mine spec vehicle hire in Australia

Raw Hire provides long term hire of a variety of mine spec equipped vehicles, buses and trucks, ready to service your operation’s needs. With extensive mining and resource industry knowledge, Raw Hire can help ensure you have the right fleet for whatever your project. Location is no issue as Raw Hire mobilises their mine spec vehicles Australia wide and which are resource ready and follow the right site safety requirements

You can rely on Raw Hire’s wide range of mine spec vehicles, trucks and buses to ensure your project is being completed on time, on budget and safely. Their range of mine spec vehicles ranges from light commercial vehicles such as utes, wagons, 2WDs and 4WDs, as well as 12 seat to 55 seat buses, 4WD buses, flatbed trucks, crane trucks, tip trucks, 4WD trucks and 2-23 tonne trucks. We also provide specialty vehicles including water carts, service trailers, fire response trailers and blasting utes. Your team can also feel comfortable while they work as vehicles include air conditioning and other safety equipment inside like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher and electronic safety monitoring systems.

Raw Hire want to provide a quality service to their clients so whatever they don’t have we they can find a solution to fit your long term vehicle hire strategy, short term vehicle hire strategy and all other fleet hire needs. Get in touch today to enquire about your next mine spec fleet. 

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