At Raw Hire we place high importance on safety. Our reputation of providing the highest quality vehicles demonstrates our attention to detail and care that we place on all our long term vehicle hire and fleet hire vehicles.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

At Raw Hire, we understand the importance and value of Driver Safety, Vehicle Tracking and Journey Management Planning for our customers.

We also understand the importance of the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) on various sites throughout Australia – it can be the difference between site access approval and disapproval, which is why all new Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) unit as a standard feature. Allowing you to keep track of your most valuable assets – your people and your vehicle, when hiring with Raw Hire.

Standard Features

All new Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) unit as a standard feature, allowing you to keep track of your vehicle activity when hiring with Raw Hire.

  • Real-time Tracking; where is my asset, km’s, vehicle records.  
  • Journey Management Planning  
  • Remote Driving (Support Safety Remotely)
  • Maintenance Recording & Reporting
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Ignition Detection
  • Run Hour Monitoring
  • Tracking via Mobile Devices

Additional Features

The following In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) features are added. They are not included as part of the standard fitment. Please discuss with the Raw Hire team if you would like to include one or all of these features.

  • Driver Behaviour & Safety
  • Utilisation of an Asset  
  • Customised Reports
  • Seat Belt Tracking
  • Identification of Driver ID & Vehicle

Quality Health and Safety

Raw Hire recognises its moral and legal responsibility under the WA Occupational Safety & Health Act 1984, to provide a safe and healthy work environment for workers, contractors, subcontractors, clients and visitors to all Raw Hire sites. This commitment extends to ensuring that operations do not place the local community at risk of injury, illness or property damage. Raw Hire has a strong belief that all accidents are preventable, and our broad objective is to ‘Eliminate work-related injury and illnesses.’ We aim to action this through compliance with current legislation and relevant industry standards and cooperation with regulatory bodies.

Mine Specification*
The Raw Hire difference

Flashing Beacon and Reversing Beeper

Bull Bar

First Aid Kit and UHF Radio

Reflective Tape and ID Decal

Internal Roll Bar (ROPS)

Falling Object Protection (FOPS)

Safety Triangles and Safety Lights

Two Spare Tyres and Mine Lights

External Roll Over Protection with Certification Certificate

Wheel Chock

Wheel Nut Indicator


Anti-Lock Braking System. Prevents brakes from locking under emergency braking & causing the vehicle to lose control. 


Mine site requirement on Light Vehicles

Battery Isolator.

Switch installed on the battery designed to completely isolate the vehicle by preventing it from starting while any maintenance or repairs are being carried out. Allows you to turn off your battery from the remainder of the vehicle to conserve power and start a vehicle when it’s been idle for a large length of time.


Rotating amber beacon installed on the roof to enable visibility to all vehicles, especially Surface Mobile Equipment.

The Raw Hire Difference:
All installed beacons are LED, making them maintenance-free.

Bull Bar.

Installed on the front of the vehicle to reduce personal injury in the event of an accident with a head-on collision. This is a standard fitment on all our 4WD & commercial vehicles. (Unless fitment of the bullbar reduces the safety rating of
the vehicle). 

Cabin Mesh.

Fitted in all commercial vehicles to prevent vehicle load entering the vehicle & to protect the vehicle occupants. This is a standard fitment on all our 4WD & commercial vehicles.

Canvas Seat Covers.

Reduces wear & tear to the vehicle upholstery, thereby reducing cleaning and damage costs.

The Raw Hire Difference: We source custom made high-quality seat covers that will last. Most other suppliers seat covers will wear after 12 months. 

Fire Extinguishers.

For emergency fires, vehicles come equipped with a secured fire extinguisher in vehicle. Various vehicle sizes require differing weights of extinguishers with 1kg, 2.5kg and 9kg available.   

First Aid Kit.

Found in vehicle for immediate care in the event of an accident to assist prevention of further injury while waiting on medical attention.

Head Lights On Feature.

Automatically turns headlights on when a vehicle is started. This increases the vehicles visibility to others. Raw Hire ensures a standard fitment on all our 4WD & commercial vehicles.

High Rise Indicators/Mine Lights.

Braking and indicator lights are elevated to the roof of the vehicle to make them visible to Surface Mobile Equipment (Haul Packs)

The Raw Hire Difference: All installed mine lights are LED, making them maintenance-free.

ID Decals.

Physically located on vehicles, usually the door, for identification. This allows direct communication with a vehicle via radio without knowing who the driver is. Raw Hire can provide roof ID Decals on request as a requirement for some sites. 

The Raw Hire Difference: Printed on latex with 3M backing for longevity.

Internal Roll Bar (ROPS) / Falling Object Protection (FOPS).

To increase the safety of the vehicle occupants in the event of a vehicle roll over or to protect the cab from falling objects. All Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with certified ROPS and/or FOPS to meet ADR standards. Unless ANCAP 5 or equivalent rating. 

The Raw Hire Difference: Most other hire companies will only fit ROPS & don’t provide FOPS for vehicles.

Reflective Tape.

Placed on the side and rear of the vehicles to provide visual attention to the vehicle during low light situations. The reflective tape used comes standard on light commercial vehicles at 50mm in width, with some larger vehicles fitted with 75mm tape. This wider tape is also available on vehicles at request. 

The Raw Hire Difference: Use 3M tape, with a sealed edge to reduce tape damage or peeling. 

Reverse Alarm.

To alert others that the vehicle is moving in a reverse direction & the driver’s view may be restricted.

Safety Hand Rails & Three-Point Access.

To secure loads in the back of trucks. Trucks new to the Raw Hire fleet have these fitted as standard. Three-Point Access on trucks to meet OHS mine site requirements & increase operator safety. This is standard on most Raw Hire trucks.

Safety Triangles.

Placed near the vehicle to alert other road users of a broken down vehicle assisting the safety of the driver.

Spare Tyre(s).

In case of emergency tyre damage, each vehicle comes equipped with a spare tyre which is checked for PSI and tread before hire. 

The Raw Hire Difference: All 4WD & commercial vehicles are fitted with 2nd spare as standard to reduce risk in remote areas.

Tool Box.

For the safe storage of tools and equipment required for most vehicles.  

Tow Bar.

The rear tow bar and ball assists in towing a trailer providing the ability to carry an additional load. Raw Hire ensures a standard fitment on all our 4WD & commercial vehicles.

UHF Radio.

For two way communication on-site where reception is limited, allowing multiple users at the same time.

The Raw Hire Difference: 80 Channel radios available in most new vehicles to fleet.  

Water Bottle.

20L water bottle to supply water containers in all coaches.

Wheel Chocks.

These chocks are placed underneath the tyres when a vehicle is parked to stop the vehicle rolling away. Different sizes are supplied matched to the tyre & vehicle size.  

Whip Aerial, Mine Flag.

These flags are fitted to smaller passenger vehicles to ensure visibility to oncoming traffic when going over a blind hill and allow large Surface Mobile  Equipment to have a visual on light vehicles.

The Raw Hire Difference: All flags installed have a flexible LED light to prevent damage and increase night awareness.

Wheel Nut Indicators.

These neon nut covers are a quick reference to see that all wheel nuts are on the tyre and a guide to see if they are becoming loose.

In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS).

All new Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) unit as a standard feature. Allowing you to keep track of your vehicle. 

*May vary depending on the vehicle.


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