The In-Vehicle Monitoring System tracks your most valuable asset

At Raw Hire, we understand the importance and value of Driver Safety, Vehicle Tracking and Journey Management Planning for our customers.

We also understand the importance of the In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) on various sites throughout Australia – it can be the difference between site access approval and disapproval. Which is why all new Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) unit as a standard feature. Allowing you to keep track of your most valuable assets – your people and your vehicle, when hiring with Raw Hire.

Standard Features

All new Raw Hire vehicles are fitted with an In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) unit as a standard feature. Allowing you to keep track of your vehicle activity when hiring with Raw Hire.

Real-time Tracking

The In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) allows you to know what’s happening out in the field. Where the vehicle is located and what it’s currently being used for.

  • Easily see all of your vehicles at a glance 
  • See your team’s current locations in near real-time
  • Track billable hours as you can identify when workers arrive and leave a job
  • Reduce fuel-wasting driver behaviour, such as speeding and idling 
  • Control labour costs with improved tracking of hours worked
  • Help reduce fuel consumption
  • Curb unsafe driving habits
  • Vehicle security. Quickly locate a stolen vehicle
  • IVMS disconnection. Ability to detect if disconnected and send notification by email
Journey Management Planning

Planning the Journey allows staff and managers to:

  • Choose safe routes
  • Define travel times
  • Schedule rest breaks

Work Health & Safety and Chain of Responsibility Guidelines:

  • Define start location
  • Define end location
  • Calculate travel times and distances
  • Calculate suitable rest areas
Remote Driving (Support Safety Remotely)

Business is conducted not only in cities but also in regional areas, and it’s essential to track your fleet vehicles in and around these remote towns.

IVMS allows you to follow each vehicle and provide any assistance to drivers in remote country areas*. 

Note: Real-time tracking is only available in 3G or 4G areas. Data will still record outside these areas and upload complete history as soon as the vehicle returns to cell reception.

Maintenance Recording & Reporting

IVMS combines real-time clocks, accelerometers and GPS, to ensure accurate odometer and hour meter readings are recorded to warn of scheduled services.

  • Service & Maintenance Reminders based on odometer
  • Service & Maintenance Reminders based on the hour meter
  • Service & Maintenance Reminders based on times

The IVMS can hold hundreds of Geo-Fences. A future firmware update will enable the device to download Geo-Fences from the server. 

The IVMS uses the Geo-Fencing functions to:

  • Implement arrival and departure alerts
  • Implement speeding zones with audible warning alerts
  • Implement ‘No-go’ and ‘Keep-out’ areas
  • Automatically control outputs such as switch on warning lights when inside a specific location.
Ignition Detection

The IVMS can determine a trip has started based upon:

  • Wired Ignition input (voltage on/off)
  • Emulated Ignition (GPS movement) 
  • Run Detect (voltage increases)
Run Hour Monitoring
  • Measuring engine running hours versus kilometres travelled enables a fleet manager to get a more accurate insight into the wear-and-tear on a vehicle and plan preventive maintenance (PM)
  • Engine Run Time (ERT) can be used to trigger service alerts and maintenance.
  • Excessive engine idle can easily be identified and reduced.
Tracking via Mobile Devices

Mobile Application for IOS and Android users to keep you well informed while the vehicle is on the move.

Additional Features

The following In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) features are additional. They are not included as part of the standard fitment. Please discuss with the Raw Hire team if you would like to include one or all of these features.

Driver Behaviour & Safety

The IVMS automatically calibrates its built-in three-axis accelerometer and uses this to detect harsh driving events. These events are logged in the IVMS along with additional event statistics that allow driver profiling and scoring.

  • Excessive acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Cornering at speed
  • Impacts, accidents & rollovers

Accident and Rollover Detection

The IVMS uses the three-axis built-in accelerometers to detect high G impacts such as accidents and rollovers. Then reports these events to the server for emergency alerting.

Accident Data

The IVMS keeps a second-by-second ‘black box’ recording of valuable GPS and accelerometer data for a two-hour window. This data can be automatically uploaded to the server when an accident is detected, or it can be requested manually.

Utilisation of an Asset
  • Make well-informed decisions by location data that empower you to manage assets better
  • Send the nearest available asset to a site to increase efficiency
  • Determine under or over-utilised assets
  • Streamline processes by managing aspects related to an asset’s day-to-day operations
Customised Reports

Automate reports specific to your business offering:

  • Monitor driving times
  • Measure and report time spent at sites
  • Create logbook data for ATO motor vehicle tax deductions
  • Report of driver behaviour (speeding, harsh acceleration and braking)
  • Check for unauthorised use
  • Maximise the use of every vehicle, asset and driver
  • Provide data overview for fleet efficiency analysis
Seat Belt Tracking

Accidents are an unfortunate part of managing a fleet. However, by using your IVMS to help prevent accidents, you can minimize these incidents. When an accident does occur, the safety protocols you have implemented will continue to save lives.

  • The first step is creating enforceable policies that will compel drivers to behave more safely. Developing policies is the easy part, but enforcing them can be more challenging if you don’t have an effective system in place. Fortunately, you can use your IVMS to monitor and enforce seat belt use. 
  • Remotely, you can monitor, alert, and alarm whether or not a driver regularly wears a seat belt as this reflects on their commitment to safety. 
  • Seat belts also dramatically reduce the chances of death or serious injury if there is an accident. The IVMS can sound an alarm in the event a seatbelt is not worn or can even prevent the engine from being started.
  • Monitoring this behaviour will help increase driver accountability and keep your people and your fleet safer. 
  • Use the IVMS system to create text or email alerts, run reports, or compare driver behaviour with analytics.
Identification of Driver ID & Vehicle
  • Driver ID is an effective tool for managing employee and fleet productivity. 
  • Accountability increases as drivers become more responsible for their driving actions and behaviours, including speeding, idling, accidents, traffic violations and aggressive driving.
DSS Fatigue Management Cameras

DSS Fatigue Management Cameras can be fitted upon request.

Please contact our team on (08) 9474 8900 for more information.

To arrange IVMS In-Vehicle Monitoring System fitment, customise your reporting or to find out more about what the new Raw Hire IVMS can do for you, contact our Raw Hire team on (08) 9474 8900.

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