Pre-loved Trucks For Sale

A diverse range of trucks for sale gives you the confidence that you’ll find what you need. Our trucks have a variety of additional features including drop-side trays, bull bars, tow balls, mine lights and beacon bars plus many more in a variety of big brand names: Hino, Mitsubishi and Isuzu. But the brand names aren’t the only differing factor; we have so many different truck types for you to choose from: single cab, dual cab, 4×4, crane trucks and tippers!

With such a huge range of trucks it’s hard to wrap up all their varying features in one short paragraph but here are some specific features that these vehicles may have fitted; reverse beeper, high mounted rear lights, ABS, roll over protection (internal &/or external) battery isolator, Auto headlights on, cabin mesh, 3 point access, fire extinguishers and safety handrails.

2014 2.5T Dual Cab Isuzu Truck


The 2014 2.5T Dual Cab Isuzu Truck with extended trays is the ideal solution to extra haulage. Ensuring you have everything to complete your task. This 2.5-tonne truck is a comfortable drive on a C licence with power-steering and turbo diesel engine. Ideal for scaffolding and formwork. This 2014 2.5T Dual Cab Isuzu Truck is for sale and can be mobilised Australia wide.

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