Kevrek 1000s Customisation

The Kevrek 1000s customisation was fitted to a Raw Hire 2.5/4T Dual Cab Truck. The Kevrek 1000s Crane offers customers a reliable and carefree solution to the countless lifting problems you may encounter. And provides you with the security and peace-of-mind that you are purchasing the highest quality equipment that has been designed and manufactured in Australia. Lifting 990kg at 1.2m, the K1000s has the ideal lifting weight compared to its size.

Kevrek 1000s Customisation can be fitted to a wide range of Raw Hire vehicles such as the Single and Dual Cab Trucks and 70 Series Single and Dual Cab Landcruisers. The Kevrek Hydraulic Crane is Australia’s leading Manufacturer of Hydraulic Ute Cranes and Light Truck Cranes. Ideally suited for Raw Hire tray or chassis mounts. Supplied with a power pack, mounting frame, stabiliser leg and all components required for installation. There is no need to source additional materials. With everything at hand, the Kevrek 1000s Crane is ready to be fitted to our extensive range of Raw Hire fleet vehicles.

Single and Dual Cab Trucks

The Dual Cab Truck with extended trays is the ideal solution to extra haulage. Ensuring you have everything to complete your task. The 2.5-tonne truck is a comfortable drive on a C licence with power-steering and turbo diesel engine. Ideal for scaffolding and formwork. The Raw Hire 2.5T/4T Dual Cab Truck Hire is Resource Ready and can be mobilised Australia wide. 

70 Series single and Dual Cab Landcruisers 

The Kevrek 1000s Customisation can also be customised to fit the Raw Hire Landcruiser 70S Dual Cab Tray Back and Landcruiser 70S Tray Back.  The Landcruiser 70 Series can meet all the demands of the outback environment and resource projects. These long term vehicle hire utes are also Resource Ready and can be mobilised Australia wide.

Standard Features:

  • 990kg Lifting Capacity at 1.2m
  • 4 Metre Full Extension (Hydraulic to 3m and Manual Pin Boom to 4m)
  • 310kg Lifting capacity at 4m
  • Emergency Stop
  • Operator Safety Zone
  • Hose Burst Protection
  • Valve Control Hand Guard
  • Load Indicator

The K1000s crane is complete with stabiliser leg, power pack & mount frames. The crane weighs approx 190kgs. The fitting space of the K1000s crane is 650mm.


  • Hydraulic leg
  • Manual swing-up leg
  • 3, 4, 5 or 6 Function Pendant
  • Radio remote control
  • 450kg Hydraulic Winch


The Kevrek 1000s Crane and Raw Hire vehicle is a perfect combination. Perfect for anyone needing access to the most reliable and uncomplicated equipment. The Kevrek Crane has been specifically designed to be simple and easy to operate. Please refer to specifications and load chart for your individual requirements regarding the Kevrek 1000s Crane 

Raw Hire offers and can assist with customisation or additional items which can be fitted to our extensive range of fleet vehicles.

From cranes, well bodies, canopies and toolboxes, Raw Hire can assist with almost any customisation. Satisfying your site or specialised fleet requirements. 

Contact our team on 1800 227 444 to find out how we can help.

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