Putting the spotlight on our 4WD Coaster Bus lineup

First, let’s talk about the 18-22 Seat 4WD Coaster Bus.


Experience the benefits of safety and functionality in our 18-22 Seat 4WD Coaster Bus. Not only does it serve as a reliable commuter option for passengers, but it also offers the added advantage of site accessibility. Opt for mine specification for enhanced capabilities. This hire provides a lavish travel experience for between eighteen to twenty-two individuals, including the driver. It boasts spacious aisles, generous headroom, and a robust chassis designed to tackle even the most challenging terrains. The Raw Hire 18-22 Seat 4WD Coaster Bus is equipped for resource-intensive tasks and can be deployed across WA.





The 4×4 Conversion of the Toyota Coaster is a modification that enhances its off-road capabilities, making it suitable for rugged terrains and challenging environments. Features include: four-wheel-drive system, distributing power to all four wheels simultaneously. This provides improved traction and stability on uneven or slippery surfaces. Off-road tyres with deeper treads that enhance grip and allows the vehicle to navigate mine and civil construction sites. Raised ground clearance helps prevent the costly undercarriage from damage. When it comes to functionality, this 4×4 significantly expands the Coaster’s ability to provide access to work faces not accessible by 2WD buses, aiding in improving productivity in unexpected weather, rail access and unsealed roads. 

Our 4WD buses have serviced a number of mine sites, including:

  • Halls Creek
  • RTIO Rail Projects
  • Nelson Point
  • Leonora
  • Wiluna
  • Eliwana
  • Koodaideri
  • Roy Hill
  • Marble Bar
  • Iron Bridge 

Resource Ready and available now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our impressive range of 4WD Coaster Buses!



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